Back on track with the new school routines

For most of us, our lives involve a series of patterns, routines we perform every day.
For example having your coffee at the same coffee spot every day, driving the same route to work, buying grocery at the same supermarket etc.

Why do we have the need to do so? 

Well, look how we are all coping differently with this whole epidemic. 

You are forced to do things in a certain way (not allowed to go out of the house when you feel like it, kids at home all the time and you working as a teacher) and that can give a certain amount of stress. 

You are losing control and that feels unsafe right?

That “safe feeling” is exactly what we are giving children when providing them with clear structure/routines.

It gives them control over the situation and stimulates intrinsic motivation.

“I know what to do and I know how”  this means “I can do this”.

When routines are practiced consistently it allows children to anticipate what will happen next.

This gives them confidence and a sense of control.  

 But how about now?

We are in a situation where our own routines are changing daily due to regulations and or restrictions from other authorities.

At this moment we have no idea when the school will be ready to open again and when they do how they will be working with “the new normal”. This will definitely have a affect on your child, because it will not be the same as before. So it is wise to prepare your child for that new way and be more resilient to the chance which might be a challenge.

How can you keep those routines for yourself and your child now that everything keeps changing?

Let me give you 4 tips You might find useful:

1.    Stick with the basic routines you had when your child was going to school.

The time to wake up and go to bed are good routines to keep, there is no reason why your child needs to wake up earlier or later or go to bed earlier or later.  

Do you normally read a bedtime story please don’t take that out of the routine it gives your child time to let the body and mind get ready for sleeping time. 

2.    The routines when to have breakfast, lunch and dinner, keep them around 

The same time as you used to when your child is going to school. Also try to have your normal snack time and in between snacks time.

3. Give your child a warning that it is time to…

children have a different sence of time, they need some extra time to get their mind into the next activity so when they are in play and bedtime is arriving give them a warning that there is 5 more minutes of playtime and than getting ready for bed. Now they can transfer their mind to the routine of going to bed.

4. Have your child help you with his or her own routines.

They have the need Of controlling their own world here and there. And it also gives less power fights.

We all need(ed) some time to get used to the fact that during this epidemic we are having a different routine than before. And just like we as adults need time to adapt to the situation, so does your child.

It is important to give your child the time and space to adapt again do the “new normal” whatever that means.

Don’t know when the situation will change again?  Try to keep basic routines during all changes, you will give your child and yourself that safe space you need.

“Ask me anything”

Stay safe ❤️