The After School Program

About Us

The after school time is the perfect time for children to learn to be self-empowered and develop their emotional, social, and mental skills. Our goal is to inspire and challenge every child in an individual way, so that they will grow into independent, contributing individuals. We work with children ages 4 – 12.

K.I.M. Rules

At K.I.M we will spend an extensive amount of time discussing our 7 rules of engagement throughout the school year.

  • Listen when someone is talking.
  • Follow directions the first time they are given.
  • Treat everyone with kindness and respect.
  • Take care of our school and everybody in it.
  • Work and play safely and quietly.
  • It’s ok to make mistakes.
  • Everybody is in, we do not exclude others.

Prices and Policies:

Registration is possible from 1 – 5 days per week.

You have the opportunity to choose from 3 different options

  • With lunch (warm meal daily)
  • No lunch (drop off from 2pm )
  • Only the talent encouraging activity of that day

There is no administration fee.

We ask a month’s notice before signing out.

Want to register more than one child from the same family? There is a sibling discount of 20%.

PRICES with lunch 12pm – 6pm
5 days Nfl. 435,-
4 days Nfl. 352,-
3 days Nfl. 297,-
2 days Nfl. 209,-
1 day Nfl. 110,-
PRICES no lunch 2pm – 6pm
5 days Nfl. 330,-
4 days Nfl. 252,-
3 days Nfl. 207,-
2 days Nfl. 138,-
1 day Nfl. 90,-

We have a pick up service for children that attend Albert Schweitzer College and Klein College. This is included in our monthly contribution.

Need child transportation from school to us, in between activities during our afterschool hours? We are working with the most reliable and safe child transportation service company “Kidscab Curacao”. Our members get a 10% discount from Kidscab when using their services.

Kidscab Curacao +5999 5257201

For members of our afterschool there is a special rate when joining our Kids Camp activities during school holidays.

Contact us for special discounts.

Kids In Motion partners with Kids Cab

Official Holidays 2020/2021

K.I.M After School Center and Kids Camp are closed on these days.

NOTE: It is not possible to exchange an official holiday for any other day/afternoon

During school holidays we are open from 8am – 6pm

– October 10th Curacao day

– December 24th, 25th, 26th, 31st

– January 1st New years day

– February 8th children’s Carnaval

– February 15th – 17th Carnaval

– April 2nd Good Friday, 5th Easter

– April 27th Kingsday

– May 1st Labor Day

– May 21st+22th Ascencion day

– July 2nd

Ready to enroll?

Important guidelines for parents


Our homework time starts daily at 2pm (on Friday we do not have homework time). Homework time means we help your child with school homework for the next day. During homework class our children are guided by an experienced educator. To have the best results for your child we ask the following: – Make sure your child comes with the books, papers, pencils, pens and other utensils needed to make the homework Because schools have their own schedules for when what needs to be done, please inform us on time on the homework that needs to be done for the next day or for that week. Preferably on Fridays so we can prepare for the next week. If there is a teacher-parents Whatsapp group from the school where the teacher gives the homework, please send us that info so we are working with the school’s schedule. Does your child have a test or a presentation? Please tell us in time so we can help in preparing. For presentations we do not make the “aanschouwings materiaal” that needs to be done at home. We will help with the presentation itself.

Dress Code

Please dress your child in comfortable clothes that is not the school uniform. We will be busy moving around and doing many active projects throughout the year. If your child comes straight from school please make sure extra clothes are brought to change. For their own safety, please do not let your child wear jewelry. We are not responsible for loss of any earrings, watches or any other jewelry. Because Kura di Arte is a place used by many others, we advice to label your child’s water bottle and cap or hat when brought. Every Friday we will be outdoors at Parke den Dunki . We ask to to let your child wear comfortable clothes and firm shoes. Slippers are not allowed. Let them bring their water bottle as well.


At K.I.M we promote a healthy lifestyle. Our snacks are fresh (fruit), with less (artificial)sugars and less or no preservatives (sweet/salty snack).
At Kura di Arte candy and ice cream are sold, but this is not part of our Afterschool and we do not promote most of the snacks that are sold. If you allow your child to buy at the snack stand we allow this after 4.30pm. Our kids are not permitted to share any of their money brought from home with others. The amount of money advised to bring is not more than Nafl. 3,-
Snacks from home are allowed to be brought. Candy and other  sweet snacks or chips can be eaten after 4.30pm.
Would you like your child to treat their friends at K.I.M for their birthday, please inform us about what kind of snack it will be. We have children that are intolerant (allergic) to certain ingredients.

Tutoring classes now available!

Whether they like it or not, going to school means dealing with new tasks like homework .
For some a new chapter in learning, for others an ongoing stress finishing it… How to finish a task all by yourself, why do I need to do this , when do I need to know all this, who can and who will help me with it…? Learning how to deal with homework and feeling comfortable doing it is a very important thing. Working towards a feeling of being secure and comfortable doing it is what we aim for!


We offer tutoring class for all kids from elementary school (basis school).
After an intake we decide with the parents the best day and time, and of course the child’s learning process.
Classes can be one-on-one or in a small group.
Costs are Nafl. 40,- per hour private
Costs are Nafl. 35,- per hour in small groups (max 4)
Interested in tutoring classes? Contact us now!